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While a New Year’s resolution may be cliched, it’s not a bad time to refocus on our goals. By forming healthy habits for the New Year, we can benefit our hearts, minds, and bodies in ways that pay off for years to come.

New Years Resolution Ideas

What comes to mind when thinking of a traditional New Year’s resolution? For many of us, it’s the same – better finances, weight loss, and healthier relationships. While that certainly doesn’t sound entirely bad, there are some issues with these points that tend to hurt us or put pressure on us on the journey to achieve those goals.

Plenty of money and money management are practices we can all benefit from. However, in recent years we have noticed that it is not just about better spending and saving habits.

Many of us are influenced by what we see online and the luxurious or affluent lifestyles we aspire to. While striving for more makes sense, it’s best to take regular financial health checks to make sure our motivations are helpful, and a comparison mindset doesn’t push us toward unrealistic ideals or insecurities.

Another popular New Year’s solution to a problem often centered around weight loss. There is a gray area as far as self-love and body positivity, and what “being healthy” means.

Too often – on both sides – we lose sight of the idea, that being happy in our own skin, feeling good about ourselves, and making sure we live healthy lifestyles is the fulfillment of that New Year’s resolution. For 2022 and beyond, rather than focusing on the scale or pants size, our fitness goals are all about feelings, and we’re ready to feel good.

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10 New Year’s Resolution Ideas to Practice Self-Love and Self-Care

Take some time to reflect on your past New Year’s resolutions and the feelings they evoked. For some, a New Year’s resolution is a great way to get organized and plan. For others, it’s hard to stick to and can cause shame or stress when we don’t achieve success.

Here are 10 Shame-Free New Year’s Resolutions to help with any goals, but especially to help us be happier, healthier humans.

#1: Prioritize quality time…with yourself
In many cases, indulging in unhealthy habits comes from something missing on the inside. Taking 5 minutes to meditate in the morning, spend extra time in the bathroom, or even take a long drive home gives us a little extra mental space just because is being. Not to be a mother, co-worker, or husband, but rather to be what we feel in those (short, but hopefully not, long) moments.

#2: Practice gratitude
Omission of our blessings can highlight scarcity, or what we feel are our shortcomings. This takes away our positive energy and happiness.

Instead, practicing written or verbal gratitude is a reminder to live in the present. for example, I am grateful that I took this time to prioritize myself. I’m grateful I got to experience another day. It could be something as simple as I’m so grateful to have the chocolate chip cookies. Even if it starts out as one small thing, deliberately noticing what we are grateful for can really change our moods and our lives.

#3: Find a harmonious balance
Once we hit a bit of negativity, it can be easy to get tangled up in it and start pointing out all the wrong things. For every negative thought or comment, try to balance it with two positives. for example, I ran out of hot water but at least I have a warm robe to snuggle in and a new soothing face mask to try in the meantime.

#4: Encourage physical health
As mentioned, a healthy lifestyle is always a New Year’s resolution for people – in part because of the laid-back holiday season. Instead of unrealistic goals, or impossible habits, we encourage health with fitness. We work to achieve this by engaging in active habits that allow us to build strength, develop endurance, increase flexibility or enrich our lifestyles in both physical and imperceptible ways.

#5: Avoid Unrealistic Expectations
In many cases, unfulfilled expectations or comparisons are the reason we feel less than ourselves. Instead, we have to encourage ourselves, give ourselves grace, and note our progress toward whatever goals we aim for. It is acceptable for goals to adapt as we progress, rather than trying to force ourselves to perform according to external demands.

Number 6: Give back
For those out there to save time, listening ear, hot meals, or money to others who can use support, giving back is an experience that has a positive impact on the world around us. When we are able to give, and we do, we end up giving ourselves Invaluable thing.

#7: Foster Better Habits
What habits in 2021 fail to meet our needs, or cause us unhappiness and stress? Starting with our list of New Year’s resolutions, we’ll tweak habits one by one to achieve a healthy diet, better sleep, or more time (even if virtual) with our loved ones.

#8: Discover something new
The only thing that can be disappointing at the end of any year is seeing how little we’ve explored, so we’re making a conscious effort to try out a new perspective. Book a dance class, try that recipe, go somewhere unknown – and finally document it, formally check out our New Year’s resolution list.

#9: Mental Health Care
We are the only ones living in our heads, and that means we have to take care of ourselves. It’s not embarrassing to talk to someone about our feelings or keep a journal for mental clarity. Rather, it is the brave and responsible thing to do, to know that we are doing our best to give our best.

#10: Be yourself
It sounds simple, but it can be hard for some of us not to act in ways that preserve peace, bite our tongues when we feel neglected, or even see others on the path we desire and wonder why we can’t keep it. Speed. In those moments, let’s remind ourselves that everyone is on a different path. Each of us is amazing, unique and more than enough, as we are. Here’s a great year!

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