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We’re all chasing after better skin—fewer fine lines, smaller pores, more glow—but do we really know what ingredients in skincare are getting us these results? We’re all familiar with hyaluronic acid for a hydrated glow and AHAs for altered skin. But there are so many other products you should know and love!

Skin care lovers, get ready to meet the unsung hero in skin care products. Arbutin is a popular skin care ingredient added to help achieve clearer skin. Although it gets less attention than retinol or vitamin C, it’s just as powerful, a little gentler, and probably included in some of your favorite foods. In fact, we’ve been using bearberry arbutin for years, so we’re happy to share more about this powerful ingredient.

Where does Bearberry Arbutin come from?

Strong chemicals, bleaching agents, and harsh ingredients aren’t always necessary to get the skincare job done. One of the things we are most excited about is sharing the power of plants and natural ingredients through skincare and cosmetics that make us feel good about what we put on our skin.

Some of our favorite natural ingredients can be found in the most humble of places. In this case, our signature ingredient is bearberry extract.

Also called arbutin, bearberry extract is derived from the uva ursi plant. A short shrub covered with rounded waxy leaves, the Uva Ursi plant is native to Europe, the United States, and Asia. Adapted to sandy and rocky woods, the Kinnikinnick plant is another name for Bearberry, where it grows bright red bulbs, similar in size to blueberries. The brightly colored fruit is a favorite of bears, which is where our signature ingredient got its name.

Arbutin is extracted from the leaves of the shrub, usually forming a liquid or astringent extract. It is then added to moisturizing and toning skin care products. We are amazed at what this little extract can do for the skin.

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arbutin benefits for skin

Arbutin works in most skin care products as a bleach. But what does this mean? As mentioned earlier, arbutin or bearberry extract is useful for getting clearer skin. The way it works is really amazing.

Within our skin there are pigmentation cells that result from exposure to ultraviolet rays. Once triggered, these skin pigmentation cells can form freckles, or darken or darken the skin of existing acne scars and marks. Usually, we look to brightening ingredients like vitamin C, or skin-rejuvenating ingredients like retinol, to tackle some of our skin-related goals.

What is interesting about arbutin is that it actually disrupts the process of darkening of pigment cells that is activated by exposure to sunlight. This means that instead of lightening existing marks, it helps prevent the skin from getting darker or new ones appearing. Using arbutin can help prevent skin problems. Works in tandem with other skin repairing ingredients to make a noticeable difference to the complexion.

Also known as natural hydroquinone, bearberry extract is in more products than you think. Curious about letting arbutin take the stage in your skincare regimen? Let’s talk about ways to gently use this transformative ingredient.

Is Arbutin the Perfect Match for You?

Sensitive skin, reactive skin, or just a fear of trying new products? Never fear – Arbutin is here. Unlike many of the other prosthetic ingredients out there, Arbutin is one that everyone can feel comfortable and confident using!

When we think of skin repair products, they usually act on the outer layers of the skin. This is sometimes accomplished by increasing skin cell turnover, which can leave some skin types feeling tight, sensitive, or inflamed. In contrast, arbutin works deeper into the skin, in a similar function to sunscreen.

We love how natural Arbutin is and how well it works with all skin types. Because arbutin is often included in serums and moisturizers, it’s designed to be compatible with day and evening wear. Lightweight, natural and great for all skin types, arbutin truly is the perfect skin-transforming ingredient.


How to use arbutin in your skin care regimen

With Arbutin, we want him to have some serious face time. The longer it is on the skin, the longer it will work. Instead of searching for face washes, scrubs, or masks with bearberry extract, we want to look for bearberry in products that don’t wash off the skin. When looking for bearberry extract products to add to your routine, try great toners, serums, and moisturizers for day and night.

As mentioned, arbutin is called nature’s hydroquinone for a reason. Therefore, it is important to avoid excessive sun exposure and to use sunscreen frequently, as with any advanced skin routine.

Arbutin Skin Care Products You Must Try

dark spot remover
One of the key ingredients in this gentle, skin-cooling product is cranberry extract. It works overtime to prevent darkening of the skin. Our dark spot remover features a hydrating aloe vera base with mushroom extract to purify the complexion as well. It also contains lime to lighten the skin and papaya to promote skin cell turnover.

Unlike some prescription products or harsh options with skin whitening agents, this dark spot remover helps achieve our skin care goals gently and naturally. Don’t let the name fool you. This stuff is great as a spot treatment for existing marks or for full skin application. It works great as a preventative treatment too!

Fermented rice water toner
Instead of trying a harsh or stimulating toner, choose a reparative option that feels like a fresh spring day on the skin. We’ve loaded this gentle toner full of skin-repairing ingredients. Those include brightening things, kojic acid from shiitake mushrooms, and brightening licorice root extract with the holy grail, bearberry arbutin.

Besides the brightening ingredients, we’ve also added refreshing and tightening niacinamide for the party, bright, fresh fruits like lemon and grapefruit, and a calming raspberry water base.

Perfect for use before bed or in the daytime (followed by sunscreen of course) this skin brightening toner may be on the dry side, but it’s a great addition to many regimens looking for a summertime glow all year long.

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