Here’s How Long Fat Transfer Results Really Last

Society’s relationship to fat is weird, isn’t it? In some places, we can’t stand an extra inch of it, and in others, we feel sad once he’s gone. Take our cheeks for example: Google “how do I make my face look slimmer” and you’ll find over 4 million entries with all kinds of slimming tips. … Read more

New Study Says Cannabis May Prevent COVID

As a big fan of CBD, CBG and its many medicinal and aesthetic benefits, we were thrilled to hear the news from Oregon State University that two common chemical compounds in hemp – cannabisegral acid (CBGA) and cannabis acid (CBDA) – can prevent COVID-19 infection. . Explain the results A recent study conducted by researchers … Read more

The Most Searched Beauty Products of 2021

With the start of 2022 and getting ready for new trends and new looks, it’s also a good idea to think about 2021. The past year brought us a lot of exciting makeup and product launches that helped us debut on our faces after months of being behind the mask. Cosmetic surgery experts used Google … Read more

TikTok’s Latest Viral Beauty Hack: Creating a Smoky Eye With Lip Liner – See Videos

As far as TikTok is concerned, if there is an alternative way to do something, by all means, make a video of it. One of TikTok’s newest beauty techniques comes from Australia-based makeup artist Sabrina Walsh, which involves replacing your eye shadow with a lip liner. Walsh demonstrated this technique in a video she posted … Read more

How to Survive Every Mercury Retrograde in 2022

During Mercury retrograde, it’s important to be so until far away Careful with our language. Triple-check each text, email, and DM, and take the time to carefully explain your intentions. Typos and Freudian gaffes are bound to happen. Decision-making skills can also be muddled, so avoid signing any major contracts during this time (although, if … Read more