Cher Just Dropped Her Workout Routine

Cher’s muscles are iconic. The star spent the greater part of her twenties stunned audiences in shimmering crop tops and shorts that showed off her enviable midsection. At 75, Cher is still in great shape, and if you think this is just an accident, think again. Cher just shared her workout routine, a test for endurance and core strength.

Cher wrote: “I just got out of the abs” on Twitter. “Zumba, yoga, wall sitting,” she added. As if that wasn’t enough to exhaust us just reading about it, she then went on to share her plan for the next day, which included a step class, yoga, and a different muscle workout. She wrote “whoa” after listing her workouts, and we tend to agree with that sentiment.

Cher then went on to share a personal anecdote. She wrote, “Pauli has a friend who said something weird.” He said, ‘The most interesting thing about Mac’s commercial…she still walks the same way she did when she was little.’ “

She’s, of course, referring to her recent campaign with MAC Cosmetics called Challenge Accepted. The video linked to the campaign, featuring Cher and Saweetie, went viral. In the video, Cher pulls off her timeless look, shutting down the feature, saying, “Love it lasts forever,” and with a workout like the one I detailed on Twitter, she might.

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