D.C.’s Top Dermatologists Share How To ‘Age in Place’

While your chronological age will continue to increase, you can slow down the clock on the physical signs of aging with the right cosmetic treatments. Read on to learn how Washington, D.C. dermatologist Tina Alster, MD and partner Neelam Khan, MD keep their patients looking young even as the years go by.

professional service

The most important tip for aging is to see a specialist. “In this day and age, it is very important to check the credentials of where you are going and who you see for any treatment on the face and body,” says Dr. Khan. “We have very high standards in terms of the credentials of everyone who works in our office. On the patient side, it is very important to be aware of the huge differences in experience between medical offices and medical spas.”

Dr. Alster adds that it is essential to see a doctor, who offers a variety of treatment options. “What makes our practice different is that we can be selective. We don’t have a few lasers and injectable treatments – we have the entire nine yards. Having such a range of treatments allows us to customize and choose what’s best for each individual. Often, patients think They know what they want, but a good doctor should be able to guide them to the ideal treatment.”

take a turn

Dr. Alster redirects patients to the appropriate treatment when they come to her office. “Aging in place requires a combination of many procedures, which is why it is so important to go to a clinic that offers tailored, coordinated treatments for each individual. Patients often don’t realize that a number of different treatments are available to them or that treatments can be combined on the same day.” To guide the patient in the best direction, Dr. Khan asks her patients if she can assess their faces and create a comprehensive long-term rejuvenation plan that is unique to them. “Patients are eager to receive our professional guidance about the different options for what they can do to age safely.”

The perfect blend

“Because we’re a laser center, everyone assumes that’s all we’re doing, but that’s far from the truth,” says Dr. Alster. Half of our daily procedures include cosmetic injections such as fillers and neurotoxins, and we routinely perform combination treatments using lasers and other devices. On a typical day, it’s common for me to perform multiple treatments for one patient in one session, from injections and laser treatments to hair-enhancing procedures and body sculpting.”

Dr. Khan says skincare is also an important part of the mix. “We review all of the daily products patients use and redesign their regimen to combine their existing products with others that best benefit their specific interests. We have a multi-method approach to skincare, and recommend a customized plan for each patient.”

natural wonders

Dr. Alster explains that her patients like to err on the natural side, as many are in politics or on television. “Our patients often come to the office three to four times a year and many of them receive all of their procedures at once so that they do not have to take time off from work for their recovery. While they are busy outside our office, we ensure that they continue to follow a strict skincare routine at home. to enhance their results.

hair strengthening

“We’ve also seen more and more patients with hair loss,” says Dr. Khan. “Like our skin, our hair changes over decades and this is normal for some. If patients are troubled by accelerated hair thinning or hair loss, we can help identify the cause and make the best recommendations for improvement. While it is important to set realistic expectations, there are many treatments New and exciting products that allow for a healthier, fuller hairline including PRP injections, topical and oral specialized medications, and light therapy treatments.”


“Our approach is particularly appropriate for our Washington base where patients often desire a natural appearance,” Dr. Alster says. “The cosmetic work we do is a marked but subtle improvement. Patients continue to look the same after their recovery. This is everyone’s ultimate goal, and we love guiding our patients to a place where they feel and look their best every time they look in the mirror.”

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