Erika Jayne Reveals the Inner Workings of Her Very Luxe Hair-Extension Line

One of the first rules of being Erika Jayne is that you don’t necessarily have to explain why you’re doing what you’re doing, and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star’s new Pretty Miss hair extension launch doesn’t stray too far from this look. In the midst of getting a little hot to start Pretty Mess’ extensions definitely not budget-friendly (starting at $700), the 50-year-old spoke with us to share all the inside details about how she got the streak off the ground and what fans can look forward to next. that.

Why did you decide to move into the hair business and launch extensions?

“I’ve been wearing hair extensions of all kinds for over a decade and gained a lot of personal knowledge from them. It’s something that’s been on my mind for a long time, it was just a matter of finding the best quality hair that I felt represented the Pretty Mess brand appropriately.”

Did you have anything surprising that you discovered about hair extensions – or the beauty industry in general – when planning this launch?

“I think one of the most amazing things I have learned about the hair extension industry, is the lack of accurate information that actually exists about real human hair extensions. From hair origins to hair treatment, and ultimately, hair care is not accurate or consistently available. Pretty Mess Hair University will launch For full length hair extensions, not only for professional hair stylists, but for consumers as well. The more consumers – as well as stylists – are aware of true luxury hair extensions, the better the overall experience.”

What sets these pieces apart from other hair extensions?

“Throughout my years of wearing and working with different hair companies from all over the world, I truly understand and appreciate the phrase ‘not all hair extensions are alike’. Many factors must go together to make hair extensions a true luxury brand. I have collected the best traits from years of experience. Personal hair extensions in creating this line Pretty Mess Hair brand starts from knowing our donors individually We check and test the quality of each donor’s hair before donating We look for many different health properties of hair and all of those boxes should be checked before we consider accepting Hair.We do not source hair from auctions or brokers for this reason.It all starts with very healthy hair.

We then process each donation with the highest quality botanical pigments and the highest international botanical manufacturing standards. None of the beautiful mess hairs are treated with harsh chemicals. Our hair smelled so good right out of the box. We offer over 39 different rich colors of solid, ombre, balayage and rooted balayage. We also offer our hair extensions with more than just a straightener, which is perfect for all ethnicities. Of course, Pretty Miss Hair has more hair volume than most brands. Nothing less than all my beauty! “

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What do you think is the trend in hair extensions now?

“The hair extension industry is definitely seeing trends that come and go and now the most popular type of hair extensions are hand tied extensions. Although they are very popular, they are considered a semi-permanent/permanent product. Not the most ideal if you want to change up your look every day. Therefore, Pretty Mess Hair offers the DIY Kit.The DIY kit consists of luxurious Clip Ins,Flip Ins and Ponytails.All three products consist of the exact same quality as the Pro line,but the difference is that they can be installed by yourself in less than 10 minutes.They can also be removed every A night in less time Pretty Mess Hair Clip Ins can be installed using different amounts of hair, providing a customized look and texture for every occasion.

One aspect of Pretty Mess Hair that I am most proud of is that each product is 100% humanoid whole human hair. The most luxurious and healthy human hair. The Pretty Miss Hair app includes hair care instructions with every order and on our website. If a customer follows Pretty Mess’ hair care instructions, our hair extensions can be styled like your own and most importantly blend in perfectly with your own hair. “

What hair products do you like now?

“Let’s face it, our hair has to withstand the elements every day and nothing is more important than using high-quality professional products. The latest products I love and recommend for Pretty Mess Hair are Malibu C hair care products. Their products are specifically designed for hair extensions, Especially for discerning platinum blondes. Their products make my hair and hair extensions soft, silky, and manageable.”

What are your first aesthetic memories?

“Watching my grandmother getting ready for the day. I was always in awe of her attention to detail. She had great hair and would take great care of it.”

What are you looking forward to in 2022?

“I’m looking forward to getting back into the studio to compose some music. I miss performing and connecting with audiences; I hope to do so soon, but for now I have Pretty Mess Hair to keep me busy.”

Who is your biggest beauty inspiration?

Marilyn [Monroe] It has always been my favourite! “

Stephen Simeon

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