How This Fast-Working Treatment Permanently Gets Rid of Age Spots

Good news on the dark spot front: We now have the technology to get rid of age spots as easily and effectively as taking pictures away. As the name suggests, age spots are small areas of pigment that develop over time with repeated exposure to the sun. While they usually appear later in life, anyone can get age spots, especially if you’ve spent a lot of time outdoors.

If we’re lucky enough to live long enough to see them appear on the face, hands, shoulders or back – the places where we’re most exposed – we can now get rid of them with a treatment that freezes the internal mechanism that makes them form.

What is that

“Glacial Rx is an in-clinic treatment that uses a cooling technology called cryomodulation to remove age spots and other types of excess pigment,” explains Dr. Frederick Haberman, MD, a New Jersey-based dermatologist, Dr. Saddle Brooke. “It targets specific patches of excess pigment, lightening them and preventing pigment production.” Fresh skin tone for a more even skin tone.

How it works

According to Fort Lauderdale, FL dermatologist Dr. Matthew Elias, cold impairs the ability of melanocytes, or cells that secrete melanin, to produce excess pigment. “The cold component uses cold to cause mechanical injury and normalize melanin transport, which leads to resolution of pigmented lesions such as seborrheic keratosis, freckles, melasma, etc.”

A great product for the treatment is that it also helps reduce redness by reducing inflammation. “This breaks the inflammatory cycle leading to reduced inflammation and redness in the skin resulting in an improvement in rosacea and vascular conditions,” Dr. Elias notes.

Who is the best?

Skin experts say anyone troubled by age spots, sun-damaged skin, or melasma can benefit from it. “This technology is best understood in skin types 1 to 3,” advises Dr. Habermann. “Patients may need more than one session to clear their skin of unwanted sun spots and spots.” The results are permanent, but only if you continue to protect your skin from further damage. While it may normalize melanin production in the areas treated with spots, it is important to note that you may still develop spots in other areas, especially if you are not careful to avoid sun damage. “

feel like what

The treatment is pain-free and Dr. Elias says it gave him a comfortable, focused option for hyperpigmentation treatment. “Forever in dermatology, we have facial treatments that have the lowest downtime and longest downtime laser or IPL to improve skin quality,” he says. “GlacialRx offers a third option by combining the ease of a facial with the results of IPL facials. It’s like a soothing and cooling spa facial due to its unique technology that mimics the ‘spray’ cryotherapy of the past but with an upgrade. You have the benefits of cryotherapy, but it’s done easily and painlessly.”

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