How to Do a Winter Skin Care Switch – 100% PURE

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It’s starting to look like a lot – winter! This is the puffer jacket and boot season with cracked hands, cracked lips, and itchy legs on the winter horizon. Just as we switch up our wardrobes every season, we should also change our skincare routine for the dry and cold season.

No need to be afraid of the cold – winter for our skin systems is indeed an easy transition! With just a few Switcheros products from lightweight products to their more hydrating counterparts, your skin will be cheerful and healthy in no time. Without further ado, it’s time to ring in the winter routine!

How does winter weather affect our skincare routine

During the winter when trees are bare and bears are scarce, our skin reacts adversely to new temperatures. Winter brings chills of frigid winds without much moisture – leaving the air dry, stale and even drier skin. Add turning on the heaters, and skin may fall into the fickle realm of increased sensitivity, dryness, and irritation.

The good news is that dry winter skin can be avoided if you are proactive in upgrading your skincare routine with ultra-hydrating and moisturizing ingredients. Cooling your skin with adequate hydration and hydration is crucial to avoiding dry skin issues in the winter.

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Products to include in your winter routine

Brrrr, the most famous frosty wonderland! When hydration and hydration become essential allies of your skin. Our best advice is to play smart with an effective skincare routine. Instead of using a lightweight moisturizer and calling it in daily, you’ll want to structure your regimen with ingredients that are effective at hydrating, hydrating, and balancing your skin.

Part of the balancing act in your winter skincare routine is starting with freshness and ending with ultra-hydration. Replace your basic facial cleanser with a soothing, hydrating one-step wash like Rose Micellar Cleansing Water. This micellar formula is designed to feel comfortable yet work effectively, with soothing florals and three super-cooling waters.

As you continue to use toners, serums, and the like depending on your skin type, one thing is essential for everyone winter The skin – moisturizes and moisturizes well! Super Fruit is a mega multitasker for healthy, hydrated skin. That’s exactly why our Super Fruit Cream, Super Fruit Facial Oil, and Super Fruit Balm are super hydrating stars.

Our Super Fruit Cream has a delicious, light and fruity scent with a rich, creamy, whipped lotion formula. Packed with acai oil, goji seed oil, aloe vera juice and additional antioxidant-rich ingredients, this cream is perfect for quenching dry skin.

We also rely on our Superfruit Facial Oil to lock out moisture that would otherwise be drained from cold air and heaters alike. It features ingredients like acai, goji, and sea buckthorn, all of which are known to increase skin hydration and balance. With low comedogenic ratings for its ingredients, this oil provides essential antioxidants to help protect against harsh environmental stressors. It is a great choice for any skin type.

Our latest offering from the Celestial Moisture Goddess is our Ultra Rich Fruit Conditioner. This is our goal when we have extremely dry skin. It has a light-forward scent with floral base notes and a solid balm/ointment texture that melts on contact when massaged into the skin.

Products you can cut into your winter routine

Our winter skincare routine is to focus on boosting glow and dew while retaining moisture as the temperatures drop and the winds rise. With this winter routine under your belt, dry skin will be a winter breeze to conquer.

But for a foolproof regime, there are some facial products you can put into hibernation until next season. This means to say good bye To summer favorites like mattifying products, lightweight moisturizers, basic cleansers, harsh scrubs, and exfoliators—until next summer.

Keep in mind that most astringents, especially lipid-lowering toners, will strip your skin. Instead, opt for a nourishing hydrating fix between moisturizer applications. Rosewater facial mist delivers kisses of hydration with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and white tea – making it more beneficial and healthy than a regular astringent.

Since dry skin in winter tends to be a minefield, using stronger actives — including overuse of retinol and facial exfoliants — can increase your risk of dryness, redness, and flaking. It’s okay to exfoliate during the winter to remove dead skin cells, but be careful not to overdo it. It will upset the natural pH of your skin and you will be more prone to dryness and dehydration.

Summer/Autumn Products that Live in Winter

Not all facial products need hibernation. All-season rock stars are cool or a year-round essential and suit most skin types. Take sunscreen, for example. Proper sun protection is essential all year round – even in the winter! It may be gray on the outside, but don’t skimp on that SPF number.

You may have to say goodbye to sun-kissed cheeks, but welcome rosy cheeks in winter. Continue using bronzer to highlight your natural bone structure and blush. While winter can dull our skin tone, it is important that we maintain our glow and continue to use natural antioxidant serums that brighten, moisturize, and smooth your complexion.

We hope you gained some great tips and ideas on how to adjust your skincare routine for winter. Keep in mind that all of these tips depend on your skin type. Some of us with oily or combination skin types will find matte or astringent products indispensable in the winter.

Now that you’ve learned how to winterize your skincare routine, you’ll be well on your way to hydrated, happy skin. Use all the steps or choose the products you want eager, eager To experiment more to help your skin overcome the lesser known aspects of winter.

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