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Sparkly? garish? We’re half more than just our skin and makeup this season. Jewelry is our second favorite thing to put on our skin and the upcoming 2022 jewelry trends are getting us very excited for the new year. There’s more ’90s nostalgia, nods to the ’70s disco scene, and whimsical elements that are equal parts chic and fun.

Upcoming jewelry trends for 2022

Embroidered cut
One of our favorite ’90s looks is back, but with a longer-lasting, more sophisticated cool girl feature. The beaded pieces we see on jewelry trends for 2022 adopt color in a bold way—even usually in the winter-neutral—and aren’t limited to bracelets, as we typically saw beading in the ’90s. This trend includes beaded bracelets and earrings that play with the color scale, pops and even words or phrases that inject a little fun into any look.

statement chokers
As for the jewelry trends of 2022, we’re seeing a lot of premium chokers playing with size and texture. In addition to the bejeweled options, we see chunky gold makeovers that hark back to the ’80s, and really wide options as seen on runways like Dior and Balmain.

Speaking of pearls, jewelry trends for 2022 show an interesting interpretation of pearls as exquisite and classic. We see them in all kinds of jewelry applications, but our favorite version has to be on large hoop earrings.

Natural Characteristics
While we see a lot of pearls in particular, there are other natural elements in the spotlight as well. From precious stones to shells and even cuts woven with natural fibres, the use of raw materials will be effective for 2022.


One of the themes this year is personalization, which is what we see in the way of charm earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Huggies with little charms, charm bracelets with shells, pearls, and more will be the hot trends for 2022 and beyond.

arm cuffs
Surprisingly, armbands are making a comeback, flaunted by Prada, Tory Burch, and more. Fabric and metal options were seen worn on top of the biceps rather than the forearms. What do you think of this trend?

hanging earrings
The long drop earring is one of the most universally flattering ways to accessorize, so we’d be glad to see it featured in jewelry trends 2022. Drop earrings, chain earrings, and long chandelier or chandelier options were featured virtually in nearly every winter and spring 2022 runway.

long necklaces
Long chains that reach the middle of the chest with intricate detailing, or large charm and flimsy necklaces are a re-emerging trend in the early 2000s for jewelry. Usually thinner in size, but mainly seen in silver or colored hues, this long necklace pairs well with the drop earrings we also see in the 2022 jewelry trends.

5 looks we love on the 2022 jewelry trends

No. 1: Thumb Loops
While there hasn’t been much focus on rings for the upcoming 2022 season of jewelry trends, we did see a focus on pearl chains and rings. We love these thumbs-ups, adding a touch of glam and elegance, while also being practical and edgy with a fingertip.

No. 2: Braided Elements
The normal texture is back inside. These accents with chokers and long necklaces as well as bracelets are a fun way to add color and texture to any look.

#3: Chunky Cut
All of the chunky, standout necklaces and bracelets this year are making us swoon. They’re great for creating a statement look, filling in an open neckline, short sleeves, or layering for a look that focuses only on accessories.

No. 4: Precious Metals
Gems and pearls are always yes in our book. All year long, we’ll see (and wear) these in stacks of rings, beaded necklaces, and layered bracelets.

#5: Magic
This style is one of the most personal jewelry trends of 2022. It suits minimalists who want a little charm on the neck or ears, and extremists Who want all the magic on every piece.

Jewelry just for you

The topic always comes up when jewelry is mentioned – what is my home? When we have a hard time choosing between rose gold, gold and platinum, we go for a vein test.

Raise your hand or arm in front of the light, what color are your veins? For those with green veins, the skin is considered warm, while blue or purple usually indicates a cooler skin tone. For a combination of the two, this usually indicates a neutral skin tone.

Warm tones tend to shine best in warmer jewelry, such as gold and rose gold. Conversely, rose gold and silver often look better. While neutral undertones favor both, mixing minerals to any shade or color of leather can create an attractive combination.

We hope you intend to indulge yourself in one or more of these jewelry trends for 2022! We also hope that you can enjoy the last days of 2021 with your loved ones. Looking for last minute holiday gift ideas? Our quick guide can help!

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