MAC Unsung Heroes: Swiss Chocolate Eyeshadow

MAC Swiss Chocolate Eyeshadow
Do you like sweets?

I was at the gym last week when we started talking about sweets (these are the things you do when you hang out with a bunch of people doing HIIT exercises together. You talk about sweets!), and the teacher, Nicole, said if you put any chocolate in front of her, it’s Basically toast.

I’m the same way with chocolate candy and eye shadows, especially MAC Swiss Chocolate eye shadows.

Mac Swiss Chocolate Swatch
delicious chocolate

What is the unsung hero makeup? To me, it’s often an understated morsel of makeup, a permanent product line that gets under the radar screen for many makeup lovers but regularly rocks my world. The long-running Unsung Heroes series features some of my favorite things.

Oh my gosh, I’ve been wearing these shades for eons! — and I start busting it a lot in the fall because I love the way it looks with subtle lip shades of raspberry, burgundy, purple, and wine. Added a little MAC Swiss Chocolate to your eyeshadow blend that ties everything together in DEEEEE Babe Chocolate bow.

MAC Swiss Chocolate Champion 1
I’m wearing Swiss Chocolate in my fold and MAC Heroine lipstick

Don’t be afraid of red.

I repeat! -Don’t be afraid of red, because the matte reddish-brown Swiss chocolate strikes that delicate balance between red and not too red, so you won’t look like you have devil eyes, okay?

It’s a bit like a MAC Saddle where you do a light brown crease color first (colors like Soft Brown and Texture, by the way, look great in a crease with Swiss Chocolate), then layer Swiss chocolate on top, but if you leave room for it to turn into Color this crease, and it will appear to deepen the crease.

Now, instead of being orange-brown like a saddle, Swiss Chocolate is more of a reddish-brown. It’s still warm and brown, but I prefer wearing a saddle in warm browns, peach and coral lipsticks and blushes, Swiss chocolate with berries, peaches, etc.

McSaddle Swiss Chocolate Smooth 3
Swiss chocolate, smooth and saddle brown

Swiss-chocolate red undertones make blue, green, and hazel eyes really pop IMO, but, you know, I have brown eyes, and I think they look great on brown eyes too, especially if you use a bronze-brown or reddish-brown pencil like MAC Teddy or MAC Costa Rish. It is perfection.

MAC Magnetic Nude Extra Dimension Eyeshadow Review
MAC Bamboo Eye Shadow (eyelids), MAC Swiss Chocolate Eye Shadow (wrinkle), MAC Teddy Eye Kohl (waterlines and lower lash lines), Chanel Inimitable Mascara (eyelashes) and Covergirl Bombshell Intensity Liner (upper lashes)

I’ve heard some people say they have problems mixing Swiss chocolate. I haven’t tested this myself, but if it’s something you’ve run into before, here are some things that might help you. The first is applying a primer, of course, and if your primer doesn’t seem to work well with Swiss Chocolate, try using a thinner layer of primer. This seems to make blending easier for me.

Also, after applying the primer, wait for it to dry completely. Next, blend a little translucent powder on top, because that powder will act as a barrier between your eyeshadow and primer, enabling the powder grains to glide and glide better.

MAC heroin lipstick and costarich liner
MAC Ricepaper layers under MAC Vanilla on the browbone, MAC Bamboo and MAC Saddle in the crease, MAC Swiss Chocolate on my eyelids and MAC Ricepaper in the inner corner, MAC Smolder Eye Kohl coated with MAC Carbon on the upper lash lines, MAC Costa Rich on the water and lines Lower lashes, and Chanel Inimitable mascara at 10 on my upper and lower lashes.

Swiss Chocolate pairs well with many classic MAC neutrals, too. Sometimes I’ll wear it with a Bare Study or set a low paint pot, and then, like I mentioned, I’ll add Texture, Bamboo, or Soft Brown in the crease. Then to define the crease more, I’ll add a bit of Swiss chocolate into the crease and the outer V.

I like to use a MAC Brule for highlighting when I’m doing a look like this, but Ricepaper looks good too. The thing is, Ricepaper’s shimmer has more of a ’90s vibe (which is cool, although it can be dated), especially if you’re putting it along your brown bone, so I’ll usually keep it on my lid and in the inner corner.

A pan of MAC Swiss Chocolate is now available for $16 in the permanent line, but if you have any empty plates sitting, you can save some dough by getting one of the refill pans instead, which are $6.

Swiss chocolate is a great fall color! I hope you check it out sometime.

Addict of friendly neighborhood beauty,


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