Nicole Scherzinger’s Morning Routine Consists of Cold Plunges and Exercise

For 2022 you may have made some decisions to create a better morning routine for yourself. Well, let Nicole Scherzinger’s dazzling start to inspire you. The star recently shared some of the ways she takes care of herself during the day, and they are all very touching.

Some people prefer to exercise early in the morning to set the tone for the rest of the day. Scherzinger recently shared a video of an intense workout she does. One video showed her deep squatting, while the other showed her using an exercise ball. “This is fun to try all!” I wrote under a video while squatting.

Scherzinger also does some biohacking to stay healthy. She recently shared a video of her doing the cold dip. Next to the video, she wrote: “3°C 39°F, 6 minutes of cold plunge.” “You have to breathe in order to break through.”


In the video, you can see Scherzinger pushing through the uncomfortable temperature of an outdoor bath filled with ice water. Cold plunges are said to relieve aches and pains, boost energy, aid weight loss, reduce inflammation, and more.

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