REN Evercalm Overnight Recovery Balm

[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I still have some allergic skin issues from an allergic reaction to antibiotics, so I was very grateful to have a bowl of REN Evercalm Overcalm Overnight Recovery Balm on hand. In particular, my neck was very dry, itchy, and reactive (and I suspect part of that is because I’ve lost a significant amount of weight and thus the skin has become more flexible and foldable) which makes getting this balm a blessing to slip on. I had the Profilo treatment before Christmas and the benefits of it in terms of plumping and smoothing by dropping several pounds have faded even though my face is fine. It’s so weird – I’m at the same time I can be with the aging process, but it’s kind of shocking as sensitive skin wasn’t really something I’ve had to deal with on any fantastic level before. I’ve also had a Morpheus 8 treatment (pre-arranged for weight loss) because it’s something I’ve been asked about several times, so I guess it’s time to see what it can – or can’t – do.

REN Evercalm Night Recovery Balm

To explain about Evercalm Overnight Recovery Balm – it’s really an intense lipid moisturizer that mimics your own lipids to a certain extent. Lipids are natural lipids inside your skin that are responsible for retaining moisture and protecting against harmful environmental factors such as pollution and dirt by preventing absorption. In skincare, there are some oils that mimic your own lipids, thus picking up on the effect that for some reason your skin isn’t working the way it should. So, flooding the skin with lipid-rich formulas while they’re clearly under stress makes a huge difference in terms of comfort.

REN Evercalm Night Recovery Balm

This special formula contains lipid-rich, skin-supporting oils such as olive, borage, almond and flaxseed in a base of jojoba and sunflower. It also contains beta-glucan (a polysaccharide) and is commonly found in things like oats. Beta-glucans have great soothing and calming benefits as well as the ability to plump the skin and aid in wound healing. This is key because irritated skin leads to scratching (I try very hard not to scratch my neck and rub the skin instead so I don’t shock) which in turn leads to damage. The Night Recovery Balm is very loose-fitting – in fact, it’s easy to apply too much because your main experience with balms will be more firm. If anything, I’d say treat it like a thick oil. You aim for a roughly 5p piece to adequately cover the neck and face although you take it all the way down the chest as well (another area that drives me crazy). Give it a few minutes to allow it to settle into the skin while tying your hair out of the way – the initial texture is “shiny” but soon becomes softer and conforms to the texture of the skin. It’s best used at night, but really, you can apply it whenever you need to even though you’ll look shiny temporarily! From the first use you will feel the difference in your skin and continued use will result in lasting benefits. I think it can come in handy when the weather gets rough or if your skin suddenly gets out of control for whatever reason. I’d like a lip balm with the exact same formula – I’ve tried it on my lips and it didn’t taste nice but there must be something smart stylists can do to counteract that. Anyway, FeelUnique has a ’50ml super sized version’ on offer for £40 instead of £50 here, – the usual 30ml is £42 on the REN website so this sounds like a good deal.

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