Tabitha Brown’s Favorite Vegan Beauty Products

Actress, social media sensation, and lover of clean living Tabitha Brown has made her Instagram and TikTok quite famous, taking her millions of followers on her wellness journey. She owns two restaurants in Los Angeles and Chicago called Kale My Name, and Brown has a famous book Feeding the Soul (Because It’s Practical): Finding Our Way to Joy, Love and Freedom. The vegan lifestyle that she is known for has not only worked wonders for the inside of her body, but for her skin as well.

Brown says in style A month after changing her diet, the first compliment she received was about her skin. “I was glowing,” she says. “My hair has become thicker, fuller and healthier.” Brown realized the importance of watching what happens to her skin as much as what happens to her body. “I said to myself, ‘Oh, Jesus, skin is my biggest organic, and these products can enter the bloodstream. So I started reading all the labels. So, in style Brown has tested some of the latest vegan and cruelty-free beauty products.

Brown experimented with Tarte Shape Tape Cloud Coverage ($39). I loved the lightweight texture and added SPF. “I’ve had a scar on my face since I was nine, and this foundation covered it up, my dear,” she said. in style. “Usually, this is something only makeup artists can do!”

An energy spray may sound mysterious, but Brown says the Nue Co. Mind Energy ($95) is now part of her daily self-care practice. “I set the intentions every day on doing well, being okay, feeling good, and accepting all good things,” Brown says. in style. “Then I use this spray, which not only gives me a moment of calm but also gives me a boost of energy to keep going and get my day together.”

Reusable products are becoming increasingly popular as the beauty industry takes a closer look at the waste they produce. Dieux Forever Eye Masks ($25) is a great innovation. Brown found that they have benefits for removing puffiness. She was even able to get work done while wearing it.

CBD is all the rage in beauty products. It can be easy to forget that taking CBD on its own has worthwhile effects. Brown says in style Lord Jones CBD Technology Fast-Acting Gels ($95) are perfect for a little bit of rest and relaxation. She’s warned that they are “strong”, so she stays away from them while at work, choosing to take them when she has plenty of time to sit back and relax.

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