The Ultimate Under-Eye Rejuvenation Includes This Combination of Surgeries

New York plastic surgeon Mukhtar Al Saadi says that every plastic surgery patient is different, and his needs are varied, but when it comes to treating malar cysts – the puffy bags under the eyes and above the cheekbones – there is one combination that includes corona correction and a face-lift that he sees gives the most improvement.

Assessment of the type of bags under the eyes

As we age, many contributing factors that cause facial changes occur. “The skin loses its strength and elasticity, lower eyelid muscle tone decreases, and there is also some bone resorption,” he explains. “Often a patient will say they want a lower eyelid lift because they have bags under their eyes, but in someone with malar cysts and malar edema, the best correction is this combination of corona correction with a mid-face lift.”

To diagnose whether the corona is caused by excess fat or muscle laxity, Dr. Asaad performs a lateral pull test and a strabismus test. If malar cysts improve, the patient has muscle laxity and hypertrophy. If these examinations do not improve the cysts, then the patient has fatty deposits or malar cysts. Dr. is also happy Injecting a small amount of cosmetic Botox into the circular eye area around the eye. If the malar cysts worsen after the injection, the cause of the corona may be muscle laxity. However, if there is no change, excess fat may be the cause.

More than one lower eyelid lift

He says lower blepharoplasty is effective for patients with mild laxity, but for those with heavier or fuller fistula or pouches, Dr. Al-Asadi recommends a specific technique. “If excess fat is a contributing factor, then subcutaneous or submuscular fat deposits must be surgically removed. Submuscular and above septal fat has recently been discovered and is called Anterior septal fat (ASF), which is different from the ocular fat suburbularis (SOOF). If the cause is muscle laxity, the ligaments of the surrounding eye muscles must be released, and the eye muscles must be tightened to reduce puffiness.”

complete renovation

To treat areas that pull the middle of the face down and cause a tired or aged appearance, Dr. Asadi treats both excess skin and tightens the muscles that create a sagging appearance. “Because the work being done over the corona area, the pericoronal ligament, is the other part of the corona area that needs to be released. Next, you have to go down further, release the zygomatic ligament and what we’re doing at the same time, is lifting the deep part of the face. This is called a mid-face lift.

Best result guarantee

Because corona treatment is a highly detailed surgical procedure, Dr. Asaad stresses that understanding the patient’s anatomy and facial structure is key. “If I treat them right the first time, there’s no need to revise later. My patients not only look younger and well rested, but they finally get rid of the puffiness, under-eye bags and tired look that made them look older. It really changes life.”

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