This Internal Bra Technique Frees Patients from Bra Shopping for Good

When Courtney Zaqam, a plastic surgeon in Houston, Texas, medical patient, Amy Beth, came to him for breast surgery to replace implants that didn’t fit anymore, he recommended giving her breasts an extra lift using an underwire bra made of a meltable bra. biological network.

“I’ve had my own implants for over 10 years and wanted a review,” Amy Beth says. “My breasts were so heavy; they started falling to the side. Because they needed a lot of structure and support, I chose to have the bra procedure done as part of the surgery.”

Usually performed as part of a breast lift or breast augmentation, Dr. Courtney tells his patients to think of an underwire bra as a temporary scaffold that helps give extra lift and shaping. This new advanced mesh technology helps support the weight of a heavy implant or large breast that has a lot of tissue. It reduces the risk of sagging, and my patients love the results.”

How it works

“The material is a flexible, oval-shaped mesh made from a natural derivative,” says Dr. Courtney. “During the procedure, I insert it into the lower part of the breast below the implant and attach it to the chest wall to give the breast a natural sling,” he says. “It’s really an invisible bra and after the procedure you won’t be able to see or feel the mesh under your skin. The best part is that it’s made from a naturally derived material that helps produce new collagen in the area that is being applied.”

what it was made of

He noted that the GalaFlex web that Dr. Courtney uses is made from the same type of material used to raise the threads. Thread lift sutures are made of polydioxanone, which is commonly used as surgical sutures, and tends to last about six months before it dissolves. “The underwire is made of poly-4-hydroxybutyrate — which is similar — but it lasts longer,” he explains. However, the network under the skin is basically the same. “The real benefit lies in the thickening of the skin that occurs after about six weeks. By six months to a year, you will notice a significant improvement, which is the way in which support for the implant or larger breasts continues over time, even after the mesh has completely dissolved.”

How long does it last

The mesh will eventually dissolve within a year to 18 months after surgery. “I am allergic to everything. I had an allergic reaction to Steri strips after surgery,” Amy Beth says. “But I’ve had no reaction to the net. It’s not like an implant where your body knows something is there. It’s safe and I loved that it degrades over time, and I don’t have a foreign body in my body.”

look up

For Amy Beth, the difference between her first increment and her review using a grid is day and night. “I had 275 cc and eventually implanted to 530 cc. My biggest complaint was that I had a lot of space in the middle of my breast. Even with the implants, I was wearing a swimsuit that my bra was sewn into. Now, I can wear a thread bikini and I haven’t been wearing a bikini I’ve absolutely sewed it in my entire life. This is the perfect choice for people who never want to wear a bra again, which let’s face it, we all are.”

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