Winter Nail Polish Colors – 100% PURE

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It’s the most amazing time of the year… for a manicure at home! Painted nails in forest green, dark florals, and yes – even a shade of warm chocolate brown to match the hot cocoa on hand – always puts us in a festive mood.

If you’re anything like us, there’s just something fun about getting a familiar nail shade that contrasts or matches our cool-weather outfits. Check out our top picks for winter nail trends and colors that will help you create your own this season.

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Winter nail trends

As you invest in a cozy new scarf or puffy jacket for the cold season, you may want to add fingerless gloves to your cart with these winter nail trends. From shiny metallic nails to burnt burgundy, we’ve got special features for winter nail color trends to beat the cold-weather blues.

snowy nails
If you’re obsessed with all things winter, what better way to celebrate the season than by layering your manicure in the form of snowy nails? Whether you go for snow-covered white nails or opt for a shade that has a touch of iridescence, nothing embraces the cold season more than a winter manicure.

dark flower nails
What better way to liven up dark colors with cheerful floral vibes than with dark floral nails? From a rich burgundy to a Bordeaux that veers deeper than your favorite color, your nails will be a no-fail way to balance your inner zen with the cold winter season.

Metal screws with French tip
If you’re a fan of eye-catching nail polish, try a modern take on classic French manicure with metallic tips. Whether you love rose gold or mirror-like silver, the metallic tips add the smallest streak of sparkle and shine to spice up a classic nail style – and the perfect addition to your winter look.

Chocolate brown nails
After a chaotic year, what better way to find winter solace than with something warm, dreamy and mostly brown. Enter mocha, espresso, and hot cocoa, which are perfect for this winter’s chocolate brown nail trend. With a range of brown polish options, you can count on this popular color as the perfect calming and essential color for winter.

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Best Winter Nail Polish Colors 2021/22

Like a great new hairstyle or a great facial at the spa, nail color can make us feel pulled together and ‘polished’ even during the cold, bleak winter days. But keeping nails looking well-manicured or fashionable doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming.

Check out some of our favorite natural shades for winter. Our polishes are also made without the top 20 toxic nail polish ingredients and are vegan, gluten-free, fragrance-free, DBP-free, formaldehyde-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free.

oat milk
If you’re going for a classic, basic look, we recommend a white nail polish like the shade in oat milk. This opaque milky white is perfect for creating snowy nails!

silver screen
Light rose pewter plus warm cocoa equals the perfect winter nail color combo for winter or anyone dealing with minimal nail art with a little added spice. Our silver shadow screen is larger than life and nothing beats seeing an action movie on your nails!

PRO type: Mix our oat milk polish with a thin strip of silver screen polish to round out classic French tip nails.

Blackberry Woods
Liven up dark winter blues with the cheerful vibes of Blackberry Woods nail polish. This deep, dark mauve shade captures the gradient and darker shades of winter consolation as well as the florals and jewel tones popular for the season. This look is sure to calm down the winter blues, and is perfect for the aforementioned Dark Florals nail trend.

Move more
Not quite pink, but not quite berry, our Mauve Over is the perfect winter shade. This versatile color is perfect as a standalone shade, especially if you opt for some wintry sparkle using tiny dots of our Silver Screen Gloss for Snowfall!

Our holographic silver graphite nail color basically screams “Dress me for winter!” This glossy polish is perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement this winter. Try it with your favorite silver jewelry for a monochromatic metallic effect.

over the maroon
Elegant wine and berry shades are always a winter favourite. You love the finer things in life and you want your nail color to reflect a strong sense of style while eating pie and drinking wine in the shade of Over the Maroon. It’s a deep, rich burgundy color that’s a starting point for those who love a touch of sparkle.

Zer0 nail polish trends:

Shake the polisher well before applying to ensure an even color distribution. Apply one coat of our nail polish and let it dry; Follow with a second coat for a more opaque or intense color. Complete with a glass topper for a high-gloss, chip-free finish.

For the full effect (shiny nails And Hands looking healthy), apply a little nail and cuticle oil and massage into nail beds. Once that’s absorbed, apply a little bit of Butter Hand Cream for a true manicure experience.

Although mittens are often put inside mittens during the winter, having the color on your fingertips is an instant mood booster during the colder months—and can actually help keep your nails healthy. Even if your holiday checklist is filled to the brim, including an at-home mani with nail trends can create a sleek, modern look in the comfort of your home even into the winter months.

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